Instagram Marketing Course

Become the next Influencer in your Space.

Instagram Marketing Course by Tim Karsliyev

Instagram Marketing Course
Now my friends, with over 1 billion monthly users,

Instagram is now one of the biggest social networks in the world today

and growing rapidly.

There’s a reason why Facebook paid $1 billion to acquire Instagram back in 2012

while Instagram was just a baby – they saw the future, and understanding how to build an audience,

leverage the network, and monetize it for business is a skill every marketer ought to master.

If you want to become the next influence in your space,

then pick up the Insta Traffic Mastery Course.

This world-class, extremely powerful yet very comprehensive course

has been created by one of the biggest Instagram influencers alive today – Tim Karsliyev

(owner of accounts such as @dailydose and many, many others).

You’ll learn strategies and get solid ideas on how to build, grow, and monetize

your Instagram account for personal or business use.

No stone is left un-turned – you will learn everything from A-Z

and become an Instagram MASTER.

instagram marketing course


Tim Karsliyev is an entrepreneur and businessman who is recognized for having founded the popular motivation, inspiration, and value social media platform Daily Dose. His company’s Instagram account has more than 1.5 million followers.

His Motivational Media company owns Instagram pages with over 2.5 Million followers including Billionaire Inc, Visualize Wealth, Gentleman’s Mafia, and Impact Billions.

Before the fame he worked as a consultant in the health care industry.

In the Insta Traffic Mastery Course Tim breaks it all down and shows you how it’s done.

Tim Karsliyev is featured on:

Quick Course Overview:

  • Complete Instagram Mastery A-Z
  • Learn directly from Instagram mega-influencer Tim Karsliyev (over 150M+ reach)
  • 10 Modules
  • Q&A In Each Module
  • Resources
  • Advanced Strategies, Tactics and Hacks
  • Bonus material – and much, much more.

So, if you see yourself becoming the best influencer in your space on Instagram then my friend enroll now to get instant access for free.

What you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to loose, but everything to gain.

Why You Need This Marketing Training Course?

  1. This is where the future is going, especially for marketing and business.
  2. Engagement, Influence, Celebrity
  3. Traffic generation and monetization
  4. Become a Powerful Promoter


Dominic Elias
This training is off the charts! My wheels are spinning guys. Now its time to figure out how to tie my passion for makeup artistry, my niche, in with these strategies. I WILL master this! A million thanks to Tim and Vick!!!!

Dan Ryder
Just finished all 10 modules. This course is amazing. Excited to implement and cash in BIG!

Nelly Nikulina
I love it, Tim and Vick you’re awesome! I didn’t go to sleep until 4 am studying the videos, soaking all in and picked up where I left off today. Finished all 10 Modules, super excited! Will go through them again this week. Thank you for all you guys do!

Sammy Crockett
WOWZERS!! So much gratitude to you – Tim and Vick. This training was outstanding!!! I have purchased many IG trainings and NONE of them have been anything like this. The value that you have shared is amazing. I’m looking forward to this journey and where it is going to take me and the 4% group! So grateful 🙂

Tanya Sarrucco
Studied all 10 modules and I’m totally fired up! Always loved IG so now it’s time to go to the next level! Thanks Tim and Vick for this superb training and sharing all these golden nuggets. Work in progress!


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