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Online Marketing Sales Funnels

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Online Marketing Sales Funnels Work Because it Reveals...

Online Marketing Sales Funnels

By making simple 3three page website that crushes it daily with free traffic to high dollar affiliate offers !..

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Every successful business / internet based business takes potential buyers through a process known as a buyer’s journey.

Let me explain:

The process is simple, but yet so powerful.

It’s a number of stages a buyer goes through before they purchase anything and

they are called inbound marketing framework: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision.

That’s where building sales funnels comes in.

and all you need is a 3 Step Sales Funnel that will deliver your results.


Your first step Funnel 1: Awareness!. Squeeze page / Landing Page

In the awareness stage of the Buyer’s Journey, a potential buyer is just realizing a

want or need for a product and/or service.

Most potential buyers in the awareness stage are seeking information to answer questions or resolve pain points.

It is important to note that at this stage of the journey, the information should be fairly neutral.

This will help attract more leads by providing valuable content that is positioned to address their specific pain point.

And that’s why On your squeeze page you are able to capture your prospects name and email for value..

This is where the magic happens, the special words as quoted:

“Quid Pro Quo” – I give you this you give me that.

The basic law of making money. 

Most people forget about this law…

So always make sure that you provide value to receive a potential buyer’s name and email.


Second stage Funnel 2: Consideration!.. Thank you page

With a clearly defined goal or challenge and a commitment to address it, the consideration phase is about a buyer’s evaluation of different methods that are available to them. At this stage, you are still delivering critical information to help your buyer make the best possible decision by

showing gratitude by thanking them for trading their name an email for your valuable piece.

You can then up-sell them results on whatever products or services you are offering.

Remember people buy results not products.


Final step Funnel 3: Decision!..  Sales page

At this point in the journey, a buyer has decided on a solution category. They have a strategy in place to address their pain point, but are still deciding on a specific tool to purchase or vendor to work with.

Your sales page is the main page of the sales funnel, because it is the ultimate goal of the entire process.

This page will be your product page, survey page, service page, membership site etc.

And, that wraps up the basic idea of how sales funnel works…

The best tool to seamlessly to build your online marketing sales funnels, to market,

sell and deliver your products and services online is ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels is one hell of a software – online by the way.

ClickFunnels is now the fastest-growing non-venture backed software company in the world.

Russell Brunson is the co-founder of this amazing online based system.

Online Marketing Sales Funnels


Over the past 10 years, Russell has built a following of over a million entrepreneurs, 

sold hundreds of thousands of copies of his books, 

popularized the concept of sales funnels, and co-founded 

a software company called ClickFunnels that helps tens of 

thousands of entrepreneurs quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

With a following of over a million entrepreneurs, he’s published and sold 

over 250,000 copies of his marketing books, popularized 

the concept of online marketing sales funnels,  

and helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs

quickly get their message out to the marketplace.

As of 2018, Russell’s training, teaching, and software has created over 

206 millionaires who are in his exclusive club called the 2 Comma Club.


Online Marketing Sales Funnels

Some of the Benefits of ClickFunnels:

  • ClickFunnels allows people to grow their business through sales funnels without having to hire or rely on a tech team.
  • Build your first funnel for free, no obligation, no contract, cancel anytime, with a few clicks of a button.
  • Simple drag and drop web-page editor.
  • ClickFunnels allows you; the entrepreneur to build online marketing sales funnels fast, with their one stop funnel creation system.
  • You can build high converting funnels to generate leads, make sales, one click upsells, webinars and much more!
But, it is much more than that…
  • ClickFunnels is also your shopping cart…
  • Your membership site to quickly design pages that convert, but powerful enough so that you can create anything you want.

Now take a look at the video below, for a real feel of what ClickFunnels can do for you…

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