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Adrian Morrison is the man behind-the-scenes, who specialises in social media marketing.

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Mr. Morrison has dedicated his life to teaching thousands of digital entrepreneurs

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Having generated millions for his affiliate partners and his very own eCommerce store,

he carries the reputation of being among the elite Facebook Advertising experts globally.

Having consulted for top influencers in the social media spectrum,

Adrian Morrison simplifies Facebook Advertising for the sake of turning a profit quickly and effectively.

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Adrian Morrison is an American television personality, public speaker, 

best selling author and entrepreneur known for Success TV and Profit Power Hour. 

He was born and raised in Mississippi and attended the University of Mississippi.

Adrian Morrison is considered to be one of the top social media experts 

online and hosts the weekly show “The Profit Power Hour” 

which is a live broadcast that streams Tuesday nights on Facebook.

Over the past decade, Adrian Morrison has authored several books 

about new media platforms, entrepreneurship and wealth building. 

Adrian is also the co-founder of Christmas 4 Kids, 

a foundation that benefits underprivileged children in Mississippi.

Mastering Facebook Advertising

There are a whole lot of people on this earth, and there are around 150+ million of them that are Facebook users. 

If we were still working in the old advertising world, we’d pay someone a boatload of money

to blast a dog training product ad link out there to that 150+ million people. 

Of course, we’d be presenting our ad to pet owners, children, 

and millions of others who couldn’t care less about training a dog.

It’s like the newspapers and T.V. stations tell us: we’re going to get your product in front of a very large audience. 

The problem is that they don’t or can’t tell you how many in that huge audience actually 

have a need for or an interest in dog training. It’s far fewer than the whole group. 

You’re paying for exposure where no interest exists, and that’s expensive advertising.

Let’s use our “dog training” example to see how today’s world is far different for Facebook advertisers

who know how to do it right.  

When placing a new example ad on Facebook, the first step in targeting the ad 

shows a possible audience of 135,577,760.  

That’s a lot of people!  

However, we have some example data concocted just for this experiment.  

We know that we want to target men (women can do dog training too, but they’re less interested), 

aged 25 to 49, and they’ve listing “Dog Training” in their profile as an interest.

Suddenly, we’re narrowing our pool of prospects dramatically, 

and it’s precisely what we want to do.  Now the number displayed by Facebook that fits 

our target market is down to 376,780. 

That’s a whole lot better. 

We’re now only going to show our ad to those who fit this profile, the very best prospects for our products. 

Even better, we’re not going to pay unless they actually click on the ad!  

Of course, they still might not buy, and many don’t…

so there is an expense in this type of advertising that must be considered.

Now you know what you want to accomplish, a highly targeted pool of prospects 

who are most likely to respond to our products.  

However, our ad must have the right advertisement characteristics, such as a super headline, 

the right call to action in the text, and an image that will catch the eye of the prospects on a crowded Facebook page.  

Then it’s critical that we take our prospect to a page that sells the product.  

Without all of these components done right, we’ll spend money but not make enough to justify our ad.

You see, just knowing how to place an ad in front of only the best prospects isn’t enough.  

Expressing the ad well and using a great image so that our prospects see it still isn’t enough.  

We must have selected the right products in demand in the marketplace, 

and we must take our prospects to a page that does the selling job so well that our conversion rates are high.  

That’s how we’ll make our affiliate commissions and happily pay the ad click costs.

I’m here with expert advice, and showing you how you can do it as well with this amazing course…

Selling on Facebook the PPC Secrets.  

You’ll get the information, tools and resources you need to effectively advertise on Facebook, 

getting great CTRs (Click-Through-Ratios) on your ads, and high conversions to sales and commissions.  

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Facebook PPC Secrets: Selling on Facebook


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